About Us

LEGACY NEWS is a community newspaper that has been published on the first Sunday of each month since its inception in May of 1999. It is  circulated along the 27 miles of Woodward Avenue, the American Scenic Byway also referred to as the Woodward Corridor, and throughout Wayne County and Oakland County since 2002. The LEGACY NEWS readership exceeds 30,000.

LEGACY NEWS was founded in 1999 by Margaret D. Lewis and Dallas L. Keffer. Its mission is to provide news and information to enlighten,  strengthen, and empower communities. Mr. Keffer left the company in October of 1999.

Treating the eleven-city Woodward Corridor as one community, LEGACY NEWS provides access in one print publication to in-depth coverage of useful local news and information to and about the Woodward Corridor community and for the underserved and unserved segments of the population.

LEGACY NEWS appreciates the opportunity to serve.

Margaret D. Lewis, Publisher

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